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Oasis Artifact – Orb of Osuvox —


Item: OASIS ARTIFACT – Orb of Osuvox

Item Description: The Orb of Osuvox is a powerful magical item that creates a perfect spherical shield that is entirely impenetrable around the avatar holding it. This Aftifact may only be operated by a Wizard of the 99th level. It may be upheld indefinitely as long as the avatar operating it remains motionless and maintains contact with the artifact.

Item Status: Unknown

Current Owner: Unknown

Rarity Index: 10 – Extremely Rare or Unique

Oasis Artifact – Beta Capsule —

Item: OASIS ARTIFACT – Beta Capsule

Item Description: The Beta Capsule allows your avatar to become Ultraman for up to 3 minutes. As Ultraman, you enjoy all the powers and strength enjoyed by Ultraman from the TV series. Please note, if you do not deactivate the Beta Capsule prior to the 3 minute time limit, your avatar will be killed. Also, this artifact may only be used once per day.

Item Status: Not For Sale

Current Owner: Parzival

Rarity Index: 10 – Extremely Rare or Unique

Oasis Artifact – Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in Black —

Item: OASIS ARTIFACT – Black Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Item Description: These magical sneakers bestow their wearer with both Speed and Flight. When put on, they automatically adjust to fit your avatar’s feet perfectly.

Item Status: NOT FOR SALE

Current Owner: Art3mis

Rarity Index: 10 – Extremely Rare or Unique

Places you can buy your own, non-magical Chucks:

Amazon.com: Black Chuck Taylor Converse All Star Shoes – Non-Magical

Oasis Artifact – Findoro’s Tablet of Finding —

Findoro's Tablet of FindingItem: OASIS ARTIFACT – Findoro’s Tablet of Finding

Item Description: Up for sale today is the most valuable artifact in the Oasis. Findoro’s Tablet of Finding is a round, flat disc with one unique property. Once a day, the avatar possessing the tablet can enter the name of any other avatar in the Oasis and receive that avatar’s exact location within the Oasis. On its face, this may appear to be a relatively useless artifact unless you are a Private Investigator. However, with the hunt for Halliday’s egg well underway, this all changes. If you are struggling with the latest clue that would lead you to the next key or gate, then this artifact is a must-have. Allow us to explain. Read the rest of this entry »

Become an “Elite Gunter” —

Ok. The coolest “Treasure Hunt” in real-life has officially ended. Sadly, you and I did not win.

However, you can still prove your status as an Elite Gunter.


Well, by completing all three gates, of course.

During the contest, it was against the rules to get help from others. Now that the contest is over, this rule no longer applies. Which is lucky for you.


Because we are Hax0rz. This means that, even though it was against the rules, we took the time to completely map our progress as we attempted to complete each gate. Although we are still working on Gate 3 (as far as we know, only one person has cleared it to date), We are now prepared to share with you our guide to the First Gate. Starting….     NOW!

Ok, the first challenge with the First Gate is the same as that facing Wade Watts in the book, Ready Player One, which was Read the rest of this entry »

Oasis Warez – Travoltra (sold out) —

Afraid of looking like a fool on the dance floor? Worry no more. With Travoltra, you can turn the disco into your own shining ball of fame. Dance the night away without regard to musical genre.

Here is a brief sampling of dance styles included:

  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Hip-hop
  • Funk
  • Break-dancing
  • Ballroom (Salsa, Mambo, Tango, Waltz, etc…)
  • Swing
  • Country (2-step, Line, Boot-scootin’ Boogy, etc…)
  • Punk
  • Head-bangin’
  • Moshin’
  • Galaxian
  • much much more

With “mirror-partner” & “solo show-off” modes, you’ll be able to handle any dance-related situation you encounter on the dance floor.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this product is no longer available.

About The Tomb of Horrors for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons —

Thanks to our dear friend Steven Pendergast (freshman at MIT), we now know about “The Limerick,” the first clue pulled from Anorak’s Almanac:

“The Copper Key awaits Explorers
in a Tomb filled with Horrors.
But you have much to learn,
if you hope to earn
a place among the high scorers.”

A popular theory on the Gunter Boards is that this refers to Gary Gygax’s original Dungeons & Dragons supplemental module Tomb of Horrors.

Read the rest of this entry »